New Black Celebration Tuxedo by David Tutera!

David Tutera, the successful celebrity wedding planner, bridal fashion designer, author, and host of We TV’s popular show ‘My Fair Wedding with David Tutera’, is now dipping into the world of men’s rental formal wear with his very own line of tuxedos!

Black Celebration Tuxedo by David Tutera

The Black Celebration Tuxedo by David Tutera is the first of his rental offerings and is a great formal option not only for weddings, but for a wide variety of other formal venues as well.  While the overall aesthetic of the coat is fairly classic, it’s actually quite unique and sets itself apart from other rental tuxedo styles in several ways.  First off is the fit.  The tuxedo is slim fit, but it is actually a little slimmer than our other Ike Behar slim fit options.  Another unique feature is that the coat features self notch lapels with an inset satin bead that appears on the top collar as well.

Black 'Celebration' Tuxedo by David Tutera

Black Celebration Tuxedo by David Tutera











Black Celebration Trousers by David Tutera

The Black Celebration Trousers are also unique in a variety of ways.  Again the fit is a little bit slimmer than the other trousers we offer.  Also, these are the only black trousers we offer that have belt loops.  Another feature that makes these trousers unique is the flexible waist band.  While the trousers are still 3-size adjustable like our other trousers, they use a hidden elastic band instead of the standard side adjusters, doing away with the metal clamps on the side of the trousers.





Black Celebration Vests and Corresponding Ties by David Tutera

Much like the coats, the vests are also unique in a number of ways.  For starters, they have 4 decorative front pockets on the front, one on either side of the chest, and one on each side in the normal pocket position.  It also features a 5 button front, but the front buttons are spaced closely together.  This means that the bottom button actually fastens near the natural waist, allowing the vest to break away with the coat, unlike other vests that generally fasten down to the waist line.

Lastly, the ties are also unique.  The Madras Plaid Bow Tie is the first of its kind and a great way to stay classy, but also flex your personality.  The stripe long tie is currently the only self-tie patterned long tie we currently offer.  These two unique ties are a great way to round out a classy and contemporary formal ensemble!












When you pair the coat, trousers, vest, and tie together, it creates a look that’s impeccably designed to fit well, feel great, and look incredible.  Whether it’s for your wedding or another important occasion, the Black Celebration Tuxedo by David Tutera is the perfect formal option to commemorate your special day!    


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