Wedding Tuxedo Trends for 2015!

Wedding Tuxedo Trends for 2015!It’s spring already and pollen love is in the air.  Love birds and wedding planners alike can be found bustling around like ants on a recently grazed anthill.  Wedding season is officially underway!  Whether your big day is coming up or still farther out, there’s never been a better time to decide what the men in your wedding will be wearing.

Wedding Colors

Often the first and biggest consideration when deciding on formal wear is figuring out what color it should be.  There can be a lot of factors that go into picking just the right color.  What are the bridesmaids wearing?  Should the men match?  Is it a daytime or evening wedding?  Formal or relaxed?  What are other weddings doing?  But at the end of the day, it comes down to what you like.  Below are a few of the biggest and best wedding tuxedo trends this year to give you some good options.

Blue Tuxedos

It’s like the saying goes.  Something old (classic), something new (this year), something borrowed (rented), and something blue (…blue).  Undeniably the most emergent trend of the season is blue, whether it’s midnight, navy, or slate!  Blue strikes a really good balance for a lot of people.  It manages to look very formal but also fun.  The darker hues are perfect for any evening wedding (or weddings that end at night.)  Below are a few of our most popular blue tuxedo options.

Complete Listing of Blue Tuxedos and Suits

Ike Behar Navy 'Sebastian' Tuxedo

Ike Behar Navy ‘Sebastian’ Tuxedo

Ike Behar Navy 'Blake' Tuxedo

Ike Behar Navy ‘Blake’ Tuxedo

Allure Men Slate Blue 'Bartlett' Tuxedo

Allure Men Slate Blue ‘Bartlett’ Tuxedo

Jean Yves Midnight 'Savoy' Tuxedo

Jean Yves Midnight ‘Savoy’ Tuxedo

Grey Tuxedos and Suits

Ever since grey tuxedos and suits hit the scene, they’ve been the most popular options for weddings throughout most of the year.  The lighter shades like cement and heather are perfect for daytime weddings, especially in the warmer months.  The darker shades like sharkskin and steel are also good for daytime weddings, but work well for evening weddings also.  Grey is a great way to scale down the formality of your wedding without compromising class!

Complete Listing of Grey Tuxedos and Suits

Ike Behar Sharkskin Grey 'Grayson' Tuxedo

Ike Behar Sharkskin Grey ‘Grayson’ Tuxedo

Michael Kors Grey 'Affection' Tuxedo

Michael Kors Grey ‘Affection’ Tuxedo

Allure Men Cement Grey 'Bartlett' Tuxedo

Allure Men Cement Grey ‘Bartlett’ Tuxedo

Allure Men Steel Grey 'Bartlett' Tuxedo

Allure Men Steel Grey ‘Bartlett’ Tuxedo

Black Tuxedos and Suits

The most classic and formal option for any wedding is black.  The backbone of the formal wear industry, classic black tuxedos are the original and most timeless formal option.  The popularity of black tuxedos tends to wain in the warmer months, but remains a good option year round for evening weddings.  Traditionally speaking, black tuxedo options aren’t meant for day time use, as they are evening wear.  That said, this is a fairly lax rule and they are still very popular options for daytime weddings.  When you wear a classic black tuxedo with subtle accessories for your wedding, you know your wedding pictures will never look too dated.  Unless Uncle Bob with the crazy hair is in them.  We can’t help with that.

Complete Listing of Black Tuxedos and Suits

David Tutera Black 'Celebration' Tuxedo

David Tutera Black ‘Celebration’ Tuxedo

Ike Behar Black 'Waverly' Tuxedo

Ike Behar Black ‘Waverly’ Tuxedo

Jean Yves Black 'Essential' Tuxedo

Jean Yves Black ‘Essential’ Tuxedo

Michael Kors Black 'Desire' Tuxedo

Michael Kors Black ‘Desire’ Tuxedo

Wedding Tuxedo Trends and Styles

Another big consideration, whether your first or second, is the style you want.  To help with that, we’ve listed a few of the newest trends in wedding formal wear that you possibly didn’t know about already.


So these are coming back strong.  Traditionally the cutaway tailcoat was the centerpiece for the dress code “Morning Dress” reserved for daytime formal functions like daytime weddings.  Morning Dress is still very much observed in the UK (see The Royal Wedding), but has not been nearly as popular or expected in the US.  But thanks to both Allure Men and Ike Behar, we now have some updated options to bring back this tradition!

Allure Men Cement Grey 'Darcy' Cutaway

Allure Men Cement Grey ‘Darcy’ Cutaway

Ike Behar Black 'Wyatt' Cutaway

Ike Behar Black ‘Wyatt’ Cutaway

Lapel Variety

There are three main lapel types that almost all tuxedos and suits incorporate: notch lapels, peak lapels, and shawl collars.  And just like almost everything in formal wear, they all send a little different message.  Peak lapels are the most formal and most traditional.  Shawl collars are also very formal and elegant.  Notch lapels are less formal, but in the past have been more popular because they emulate suits, which is generally a more comfortable look for guys that aren’t themselves very formal.

The exciting news now, however, is that all three lapel types are increasingly popular.  Below are just a few examples of the different kinds of lapels that are currently available.  Click on the pictures below to see complete listings of each lapel type!

Ike Behar White 'Waverly' Tuxedo - Shawl

Shawl Collars

Ike Behar Black 'Jackson' Tuxedo - Peak

Peak Lapels

Allure Men Heather Grey 'Bartlett' Tuxedo - Notch

Notch Lapels

Slim Fit

While the vast majority of the tuxedo styles we offer are modern fit, we have an increasingly large number of slim fit tuxedo styles available as well this year.  In 2013 we got our first two slim fit tuxedo options.  In 2014 we expanded our slim fit options to 5 tuxedos.  In 2015 we’ve expanded yet again to offer 10 slim fit options, including 9 tuxedos and 1 suit in black, white, navy, and grey!

This is also the first year we’ve included the Black ‘Celebration’ Tuxedo by celebrity wedding planner David Tutera.  This tuxedo is actually a little bit slimmer than our other slim fit options, making it perfect for men with smaller frames, or men who like a more trim fit than you typically find in rental tuxedos!

Check out our Complete Listing of Slim Fit Tuxedos and Suits!

David Tutera Black 'Celebration' Tuxedo

David Tutera Black ‘Celebration’ Tuxedo

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Weddings are like people.  They come in different shapes and sizes.  They are all unique in some way.  They are all special.  They are worth celebrating and remembering.  And the details matter.  Knowing which formal trends are timeless and which are current gives you all the options, and with those options you can be sure your wedding looks and feels just like it should – Like yours.

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