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Horizon 'Synergy' Vest

Rental Style #VSY36

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This style is DISCONTINUED, effective early 2019.

It is possibly available in limited quantities for rental, please contact your supplier before deciding.

We recommend any of the items listed in the 'Related Products' section below as similar alternatives, if any are available.

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The 'Synergy' accessory line offers a beautiful range of formal accessory options, spanning across 32 different colors.  The line features:

Whether you're opting for a vest or a cummerbund, long tie or bow tie, the 'Synergy' accessory line has something for you!

  • Label: FLOW
  • Color: Horizon
  • Style: Full Back
  • Product Line: Synergy - Discontinued
  • Buttons: 4 Buttons
  • Back Fabric Color: Black
  • Back Adjuster: Fabric
  • Manufacturer: FLOW Formals
  • Manufacturer Number: 642089