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Mark of Distinction

Light Grey 'Cambridge' Tweed Vest

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The 'Cambridge' Tweed accessory line provides a casual, attractive no coat option look. The 5 featured colors of vests are constructed of Tweed Polyester, 5-Button, Notch Lapel, Working Breast and Front Pockets, and can be worn with or without coat.

  • 5-Button Fullback Vests
  • Solid Bow Ties
  • Solid Long Ties
  • Solid Pocket Squares
  • Large Paisley Bow Ties
  • Large Paisley Long Ties
  • Large Paisley Pocket Squares
  • Label: Mark of Distinction
  • Color: Light Grey
  • Style: Full Back
  • Product Line: Cambridge
  • Buttons: 5 Buttons
  • Back Fabric Color: Matches Front
  • Back Adjuster: Fabric
  • Manufacturer: Larr Brio
  • Manufacturer Number: W02