Tuxedo Trends: Wedding Parties Mixing Up Styles!

Tuxedo Trends: Wedding Parties Mixing Up Styles!

Just like the bride stands out in a wedding among the other bridesmaids, it has long been a tradition in weddings to visually differentiate the groom from the other men in the wedding party as well.  Usually the groomsmen will wear accessories that match the bridesmaid colors, while the groom wears white accessories.  Or the groomsmen wear black tie, while the groom wears something a little different.  Sometimes the best man is also dressed a little differently.

There are a lot of combinations that all accomplish the same thing:  to visually define who the groom is.  Up until recently, the difference between a groom’s tuxedo and the groomsmen tuxedos has been more or less relegated to a change in the accessories.  But now, with tuxedo lines like ‘Allure Men’ by Jean Yves which feature several popular colors with the same design, another trend is emerging.  The practice of actually wearing different color tuxedos within the same wedding party is beginning to take hold.

Recently Allure Bridal / Allure Men by Jean Yves gave away 3 Dream Wedding packages.  For Sarah & Alexander’s wedding (featured below) Allure Men provided all the tuxedos for the wedding party.  As you can see in the graphic above, the groomsmen wore the Black ‘Allure Men’ Tuxedo with long ties that matched the bridesmaid dresses, the best man wore the Steel Grey ‘Allure Men’ Tuxedo with a black long tie, and the groom wore the Heather Grey ‘Allure Men’ Tuxedo with a traditional white long tie.

Because each of the tuxedos were styled the same way, the wedding party still had some uniformity, while the color difference not only in the accessories, but the tuxedos as well provided a clear visual marker for each member in the wedding party.

Check out the compilation video of Sarah and Alexander’s Dream Wedding below!


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