Top Ten Tuxedo Styles for December 2013!

Top Ten Tuxedo Styles for December 2013!

Every month Paul Morrell Formalwear tracks the rental data for all of the tuxedo styles we offer and determines which 10 coats were the most rented for the previous month. This information is invaluable to businesses and consumers alike because everyone wants to know what’s in style right now. In a constantly changing and evolving environment, having up to date style information like this puts you way ahead of the curve.

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December marks the pinnacle of the holiday season, as well as the season for formal Black Tie galas and big end of the year parties.  Because of this, we saw a resurgence in popularity for classic black tuxedos.  While grey tuxedos and suits comprise the majority of the Top Ten Chart with 6 styles represented, black tuxedos hold 2 positions.  A black tailcoat also made the top ten list last month due to all the white tie and high formal functions during the holiday season.  Last but certainly not least is the Tan ‘Allure Men’ Tuxedo by Jean Yves, taking up the 10th spot.

Grey and Tan tuxedos and suits will remain strong renters year around.  While tan rents best in the warmer months, it remains a relevant style year round because of its scaled back formality that opens it up to a wide variety of semi-formal occasions.  Grey tuxedos are perfectly versatile for any formal function besides Black Tie or White Tie, regardless of weather, so they are typically the strongest renters all year.

We predict that Black, Grey, and Tan tuxedos and suits will remain strong renters through the first part of 2014 as the weather stays colder.  We may start seeing more variety of color on the Top Ten charts as well as we get closer to prom season.  Check back with us to see how spot on we are!

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Top Ten Rental Tuxedo Styles for December 2013!

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For a formal vendor, knowing what’s being sought after gives you a competitive edge in your local market. For a customer looking for just the right outfit, this gives you access to the most up to date style information available, so you can make the best decision for your important day! You can also look at past month’s Top 10 listing to find out which styles come and go, and which styles are mainstays in formal style.

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