The Easiest Guide To Holiday Black Tie Ever!

Just imagine.  It’s the end of the year. Christmas carols are playing from every speaker.  There’s a Santa Claus in every department store.  There’s garland on the street lights.  The air is chilly.  Houses are lit with festive lights.  And there’s quite possibly something to actually look forward to in the mailbox.  You finally return home after grappling with 32 other grown men for the last Doc McStuffins within a days drive.  You start to go in and pour yourself some egg nog, but first you look in the mailbox.  And there it is!  It’s an invite to the swankiest New Years Eve ball in town!  But there’s something written on the bottom of the invite that gives you pause.  “Black Tie Required.”  Don’t worry.  You’ve got this.

Black tie is a formal tradition that dates back more that 125 years.  It’s a timeless and elegant look that, when done right, will have you looking your very best masculine self.  In some ways it’s a very strict interpretation of the tuxedo.  In other ways it’s more of an art.  So in the interest of keeping things simple and easy, below we’ve listed out exactly what you’ll need for a proper Black Tie ensemble.  Sure, there are variations on this that are also appropriate, but if you go with just the selections below, you’ll be spot on every time.

The Coat:

The Black 'Icon' Tuxedo by PM

The Black ‘Icon’ Tuxedo

The Trousers:

Black Flat Front Trousers by Jean Yves

Matching Black Flat Front Trousers

The Shirt:

White 'Mark' Pleated Shirt by After Six

White ‘Mark’ Pleated Turn-Down Collar Shirt

The Cummerbund:

Black Satin Cummerbund by After Six

Black Satin Cummerbund

The Bow Tie:

Black Satin Self-Tie Bow Tie by Tuxedo Park

Black Satin Self-Tie Bow Tie

The Shoes:

Black 'Genoa' Lace-Up Shoes by Frederico Leone

Black ‘Genoa’ Lace-Up Shoes

The Accessories:

Shirt Studs and Cuff Link Set

Shirt Studs and Cuff Link Set

White 'Simply Solid' Pocket Square

White Pocket Square

Black Formal Socks

Black Formal Socks












But Wait There’s More!

Now that you know what you need, we’ll even tell you where to get it!  Type your zip code into our Vendor Locator to find a vendor in your area!

Above is one variation on proper Black Tie.  Though limited, there are alternative ways to wear Black Tie that are also great.  If you’re interested in all the different variations on proper Black Tie attire, we highly recommend The Black Tie Guide, which will educate you on every detail of the matter.  Another good article is a recent post by The Art of Manliness which summarizes the requirements, but also gives you some options and more detail.

In the meantime, sit back, relax with the cup of egg nog, and think about how great you’re going to look at the party and how much time you have left on your hands now to gloat online about getting the last Doc McStuffins within a days drive.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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