New Mens Formal Wear Accessories for 2012

New Mens Formal Wear Acessories for 2012!

Every year Paul Morrell offers the latest and greatest in new tuxedo styles and formal accessories. Hopefully you’ve already seen our New Rental Tuxedos and Suits for 2012.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the new accessories we’re offering this year. With updated styles in shirts, shoes, vests, ties, and cummerbunds, we’re sure to have something for everyone who wants to stay current and look amazing!

Estimated availability for all the merchandise on this page is March/April 2012.  We will update arrival dates on the individual product pages.

3 New Frederico Leone Tuxedo Shoes

Grey 'Manhattan' Tuxedo Shoe

Grey ‘Manhattan’ Shoe

Black 'Manhattan' Tuxedo Shoe

Black ‘Manhattan’ Shoe

Dark Brown 'Stanford' Tuxedo Shoe

Dark Brown ‘Stanford’ Shoe

Formal Shirts White Fitted ‘Vince’ Tuxedo Shirt

Larr Brio ‘Vertical’ Accessory Line in 22 Colors

Strawberry 'Vertical' Tuxedo Vest

Strawberry ‘Vertical’ Vest

Strawberry 'Vertical' Dot Cummerbund

Strawberry ‘Vertical’ Dot Cummerbund

Strawberry Matching Bow Tie

Matching Bow Tie

Strawberry 'Vertical' Matching Pocket Square

Matching Pocket Square

Strawberry 'Vertical' Multi-Stripe Long Tie

Multi-Stripe Long Tie

Strawberry 'Vertical' Dot Bow Tie

Dot Bow Tie

Dot Pocket Square

Dot Pocket Square

Ombre Long Tie

Ombre Long Tie


Purple 'Vertical' Tuxedo Vest

Purple ‘Vertical’

Jasmine 'Vertical'  Tuxedo Vest

Jasmine ‘Vertical’

Bright Fuchsia 'Vertical' Tuxedo Vest

Bright Fuchsia ‘Vertical’

Rose 'Vertical' Tuxedo Vest

Rose ‘Vertical’

Red 'Vertical' Tuxedo Vest

Red ‘Vertical’

Tangerine 'Vertical' Tuxedo Vest

Tangerine ‘Vertical’

Sunbeam 'Vertical' Tuxedo Vest

Sunbeam ‘Vertical’

Lime 'Vertical' Vest

Lime ‘Vertical’

Kiwi 'Vertical' Vest

Kiwi ‘Vertical’

Blue Ice 'Vertical' Vest

Blue Ice ‘Vertical’

Royal Blue 'Vertical' Vest

Royal Blue ‘Vertical’

Bronze 'Vertical' Vest

Bronze ‘Vertical’

Light Silver 'Vertical' Vest

Light Silver ‘Vertical’

Platinum 'Vertical' Vest

Platinum ‘Vertical’

Pewter 'Vertical' Vest

Pewter ‘Vertical’

Diamond White 'Vertical' Vest

Diamond White ‘Vertical’

White 'Vertical' Tuxedo Vest

White ‘Vertical’

Black 'Vertical' Tuxedo Vest

Black ‘Vertical’

Metallic ‘Vertical’ Colors:

Metallic Silver 'Vertical' Tuxedo Vest

Metallic Silver ‘Vertical’

Metallic Gold 'Vertical' Tuxedo Vest

Metallic Gold ‘Vertical’

Metallic Black 'Vertical' Tuxedo Vest

Metallic Black ‘Vertical’

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Larr Brio ‘Simply Solid’ Accessory Line in 15 Colors

Kelly Green 'Simply Solid' Tuxedo Vest

Kelly Green ‘Simply Solid’ Vest


Kelly Green 'Simply Solid' Bow Tie

Matching  Bow Tie

Kelly Green 'Simply Solid' Pocketsquare

Matching Pocketsquare

Kelly Green 'Simply Solid' Long Tie

Matching Long Tie

Purple 'Simply Solid' Tuxedo Vest

Purple ‘Simply Solid’

Ruby Red 'Simply Solid' Tuxedo Vest

Ruby Red ‘Simply Solid’

Sunbeam 'Simply Solid' Tuxedo Vest

Sunbeam ‘Simply Solid’

Malibu 'Simply Solid' Tuxedo Vest

Malibu ‘Simply Solid’

Marine Blue 'Simply Solid' Tuxedo Vest

Marine Blue ‘Simply Solid’

Taupe 'Simply Solid' Tuxedo Vest

Taupe ‘Simply Solid’

Silver 'Simply Solid' Tuxedo Vest

Silver ‘Simply Solid’

Platinum 'Simply Solid' Tuxedo Vest

Platinum ‘Simply Solid’

Ivory 'Simply Solid' Tuxedo Vest

Ivory ‘Simply Solid’

White 'Simply Solid' Tuxedo Vest

White ‘Simply Solid’

Black 'Simply Solid' Tuxedo Vest

Black ‘Simply Solid’

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6 New ‘Synergy’ Colors from FLOW

Orange Crush 'Synergy' Tuxedo Vest

Orange Crush ‘Synergy’


Capri Mint 'Synergy' Tuxedo Vest

Capri Mint ‘Synergy’

Malibu 'Synergy' Tuxedo Vest

Malibu ‘Synergy’

Latte 'Synergy' Tuxedo Vest

Latte ‘Synergy’ 

Bali Silver 'Synergy' Tuxedo Vest

Bali Silver ‘Synergy’

Pomegranate 'Synergy' Tuxedo Vest

Pomegranate ‘Synergy’

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If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the blog post on our New Rental Tuxedos and Suits for 2012.

Remember, for the special occasions in life, ‘Formal is Normal!’