Grey Tuxedos are HUGE in 2011!

Sure.  Black and White are still the kingpins of the formal wear block.  But this year there’s a new kid in town.  His name is Grey, and he’s stirring things up.

With Prom and Wedding Seasons now underway, we’re already seeing a significant rise in interest for Grey Tuxedos.  It’s becoming clear that our Grey Tuxedos & Suits are the stand out favorites for 2011!  This follows a trend that has been building since early 2010.  A good example is the Calvin Klein Grey ‘Legend‘ Tuxedo, which has been available and successful for a few years now.  Recently, its popularity has absolutely exploded!

To answer the call, Paul Morrell Formalwear purchased several new styles of Grey Tuxedos AND Suits.  For the men looking for the latest and greatest, the Jean Yves Grey ‘Twilight‘ or Perry Ellis Evening Grey ‘Madison‘ are two terrific options.

Just below, we’re showing off some of our favorite grey tuxedos.  Click each picture for more information.

Our Most Popular Grey Tuxedos:


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