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Ike Behar Evening

Black 'Scott' Double-Breasted Tuxedo

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Crafted from a comfortable stretch wool blend that provides both a luxurious feel and a touch of flexibility for ease of movement, the Ike Behar 'Scott' Tuxedo boasts a classic double-breasted silhouette with peak lapels for a touch of modern flair. Sharp satin besom pockets offer a streamlined look, while sleek black satin buttons add a touch of sophistication. Side vents ensure a comfortable fit and greater freedom of movement, making this tuxedo jacket ideal for all-night events. Whether you're attending a wedding, gala, or prom night, the Ike Behar Evening 'Scott' Tuxedo guarantees a timeless and sophisticated look that will turn heads.

  • Type: Tuxedo
  • Label: Ike Behar Evening
  • Color: Black
  • Product Fit: Stretch Slim Fit
  • Coat Sizes: Boys - 3 to 18 / Mens - 34 to 70
  • Solid or Stripe Fabric: Solid
  • Model: Double Breasted
  • Style: Standard Coat
  • Front Buttons: 6 Buttons
  • Lapel Style: Peak
  • Lapel Material: Satin
  • Top Collar Fabric: Self
  • Coat Length: 29.75"
  • Vent Style: Side
  • Pocket Style: Satin Double Besom
  • Fabric: Stretch Wool/Poly/Spandex
  • Manufacturer: FCGI
  • Manufacturer Number: 8460C