Tuxedo Questions and Answers: How Can I Be Sure My Rental Tuxedo Will Fit?

Tuxedo Questions and Answers

The Question:

“If I order a tuxedo rental, how can I be sure it will fit properly?”

– Mark

The Answer:

This is actually a two part answer.  Because tuxedos are now made in 1 of 3 different fits, the first step is determine how you’d like the tuxedo to fit.  Then determine your size.  This 2-step process means that you’re now able to get a tuxedo to fit just the way you want it to!

Part 1: Selecting the Fit

Tuxedos used to come in only one cut that fit most people reasonably well.  Sometimes these looked boxy, but it was necessary because there were so many different body types that had to fit in them.  That was then, this is now.  Tuxedos are now made in 1 of 3 different fits: Classic, Modern, and Slim.  Here’s a breakdown of the options.



  • Classic Fit: This is the best option for you if you like your tuxedo to fit a little looser and fuller.  Often these are preferred by classical musicians who need a large range of motion while wearing a tuxedo.  Check out our listing of Classic Fit Tuxedos.
  • Modern Fit: These are the new formal standard.  The fit is updated so that the tuxedo fits a little closer to the body than Classic Fit, while still not being a fitted tuxedo.  These are a great option for most people.  Check out our listing of Modern Fit Tuxedos.
  • Slim Fit: These are the trimmest of the 3 fits, designed to hug the ribs more than Modern or Classic.  The arms and legs are a little trimmer too.  While still not as fitted as a made-to-measure tuxedo, these are by far the best options for thinner guys, or those who like a more tailored look.  Check out our listing of Slim Fit Tuxedos.

Part 2: Tuxedo Sizing

Once you’ve picked how you want your tuxedo to fit, you can select a style in that fit.  Then you’re ready for sizing!

The staff at your local formal store can do the heavy lifting here.  When you come in, they’ll measure you and determine your sizes.  In most cases that’s all you’ll have to do.  But especially during busy seasons like prom and wedding, even the professionals can make the occasional mistake.  To help them out, there are a couple of steps you can take.

Step by Step Guide to Tuxedo Sizing!

Click the Image to View the Sizing Guide

1.) Double check the measurements.  You can do this by having a friend or family member measure you at home before you go to the store to get measured.  That way you can compare your measurements to the ones they take at the formal store.  If your measurements are the same, you’re in business.  If not, you’ll be able to catch it and measure again to make sure you’re getting the right sizes.

In order to size yourself, follow this helpful step-by-step Tuxedo Sizing Guide!

2.) Try on some coats.   The hardest and most focal thing to size correctly is the tuxedo jacket.  Because of this, many stores carry inventory on hand so that you can try on some coats and see first hand which size fits you best.  Just be sure to account for the fit of the try-on coat.  If you want a slim fit tuxedo, but try on a classic fit, you may want to order a size bigger than what fits in a classic.

Again, please remember in most cases these steps aren’t necessary.  The staff at your local formal store should be adept at determining your correct size.  So if try-on coats aren’t available and you can’t take your own measurements as well, the chances are overwhelmingly in your favor that you’re still going to get your best size.  Between the fit and the size, you’re sure to look great.


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