Tuxedo Questions and Answers: Does My Tuxedo Have to Match My Date’s Prom Dress?

The Question:

“Does my tuxedo have to match my date’s prom dress?  And should I ask her about a corsage, or is she expecting it?”

– Nigel

The Answer:

Part I: To match or not to match?
There is only one right answer this question.  The problem is, only one person knows that answer: your date.  Most girls seem to have an opinion on this one way or the other, and whatever that opinion happens to be is the correct answer.  So ask her what color her dress is and whether or not your tuxedo accessories should match it.  On the off chance she says “I’m not really sure.  What do you think?” … don’t sweat it. Here’s some ammunition, whichever direction you’re leaning.

The current trend of matching your date’s prom dress is a fairly modern one and it serves as a way for a couple to look and feel like a matching set.   The sentiment is visually and emotionally appealing to most prom attendees.  And if your date is territorial at all, it’s also kind of a way of claiming you as hers.  And that’s not a bad thing at all.  The only downside is that, sartorially speaking, matching a pink dress might not be your most masculine look.


If you don’t want to match the dress, stick with either black or silver/grey accessories.  Wearing another color could match another girl’s dress, and you definitely don’t want to send that message.  The message you do want to convey is why it’s still very romantic and gentlemanly to wear black or silver accessories.  Here’s why.

Traditionally speaking, men wear black and white formal wear so that the women they are with can stand out in vibrant contrast and receive the highest accolades and attention.  A black and white tuxedo is a way of looking great, but at the same time stepping out of the spotlight so that the girl you’re with can really shine.  Formal wear is all about accentuating your best features, and in this context, your best feature is her.

It’s actually really chivalrous.


Part II: Ask about the Corsage?
This is pretty simple.  Don’t ask about this.  Just do it.  Since you’ll already know what her dress color is going to be, just pick up a wrist corsage that compliments those colors and present it to her when you pick her up.  If she’s expecting it, it’s a win.  If she’s not expecting it… double-win!  Even if she hates corsages and says so, she’ll still be touched by your thoughtfulness.  Then you can have fun stomping it into the ground together.  Either way, there’s no bad outcome here.

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