Top Ten Tuxedo Styles for November 2011

Every month Paul Morrell Formalwear tracks the rental data for all of the tuxedo styles we offer and determines which 10 coats were the most rented for the previous month. This information is invaluable to businesses and consumers alike because everyone wants to know what’s in style right now. In a constantly changing and evolving environment, having up to date style information like this puts you way ahead of the curb.

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In November, we can clearly see that the tides have turned in the battle between black and grey tuxedos.  Looking at our trended data, we see that for most of the year grey tuxedos and suits have occupied nearly half of the top spots in our Top Ten lists, with black tuxedos generally occupying about 2 of the top spots.   However, as we predicted in October’s Top Ten List, black styles are trending back into popularity, with classic black styles holding four of the top ten spots, and grey only holding two.  This is likely in response to the upcoming and ongoing winter and holiday party season, full of black tie galas and other formal events.  The traditional wear for these events is black tie attire, or at least standard black.  So, it isn’t surprising that, while the Jean Yves Steel Grey ‘Twilight’ Tuxedo still holds the top spot, classic black styles are holding more top positions than any other style.

Also this month we continue to see fall-friendly brown tuxedos and suits doing well, holding three of the top spots.  Brown tuxedos and suits have done well all year, generally vying with grey tuxedos and suits for the most real-estate on the Top Ten list.  As winter draws closer, it’s possible that we’ll see a down turn in brown’s popularity in upcoming months, but if this occurs it will only be a very temporary trend as brown is expected to be very popular in the Spring of 2012.

Lastly, we have a surprising guest appearance by the After Six Ivory Troy Tuxedo, holding its own in the #8 position.  Also, as winter approaches, it’s likely that white and ivory tuxedos will become more of a force in the marketplace.  But only time will tell for sure, and we’ll be here to report it when it does.

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Top Ten Tuxedo Rental Styles for November 2011

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For a formal vendor, knowing what’s being sought after gives you a competitive edge in your local market. For a customer looking for just the right outfit, this gives you access to the most up to date style information available, so you can make the best decision for your important day! You can also look at past month’s Top 10 listing to find out which styles come and go, and which styles are mainstays in formal style.

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