Top Ten Tuxedo Styles for March 2014!

Top Ten Tuxedo Styles for March 2014!

Every month Paul Morrell Formalwear tracks the rental data for all of the tuxedo styles we offer and determines which 10 coats were the most rented for the previous month. This information is invaluable to businesses and consumers alike because everyone wants to know what’s in style right now. In a constantly changing and evolving environment, having up to date style information like this puts you way ahead of the curve.

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March is generally an exciting month for formal trends, because it’s when prom season actually starts.  While most proms take place in April and May, March is a strong indicator of trends that we can look forward to in the coming months.

Unlike February, the most notable trend wasn’t the variety in the color families, but rather the dominance of Black Tuxedos on the Top 10 List.  In march, we have 4 Black Tuxedos, 3 Grey Tuxedos, 1 Silver Tuxedo, and 1 Tan Tuxedo.  Generally grey tuxedos dominate the top 10 list, and likely will again when the weather warms up in the summer.  But for now, the emergent trend is that more and more prom goers are opting for classic black tuxedos!

Because of the nature of what a prom is, a formal but not strict evening, it’s always difficult to predict what the strong prom renters are going to be.  Usually the safe prediction is that more variety shows up on the Top 10 chart.  And we’re still seeing that.  But the fact that more and more black tuxedos are showing up on the Top 10 charts around prom season is significant.  It means that, even though the occasion doesn’t necessitate traditional formal wear, more and more prom goers are choosing it anyway.  And that means that dressing formally is no longer looked down upon by popular culture, but rather celebrated again.  And that’s just good news for everyone.

As prom season continues through April and May, we will likely see more variety on the Top 10 charts, but we expect both grey and black tuxedo to remain strong renters this year.  Check back with us next month to see how spot on we are!


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For a formal vendor, knowing what’s being sought after gives you a competitive edge in your local market. For a customer looking for just the right outfit, this gives you access to the most up to date style information available, so you can make the best decision for your important day! You can also look at past month’s Top 10 listing to find out which styles come and go, and which styles are mainstays in formal style.

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