The Most Popular Prom Tuxedos for 2012!

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It’s that time of year again! 2011 Prom Season was a great success!  Now with even more styles to choose from and public interest in formal wear trending upward, 2012 promises to be even better!  Spring is just now stretching its warm and welcoming arms and 2012 Prom Season is charging our way like a freight train in the distance.  Just put your ear to the ground and you can hear a familiar chorus…

Johnny: Hey Sandra, I was just wanderin’… Do you have a date to prom yet?

Sandra: Johnny, we’ve been dating for a year now. Of course I’m going to Prom with you! *shoulder punch*

Special times deserve special treatment.  That’s why we gussy up in the first place.  But let’s face it; there are a LOT of formal options out there!  What do you wear?  How do you choose?  For a formal evening as versatile as a prom, these decisions can be daunting… especially when you’re dealing with something you likely don’t consider often, like formal wear.  Luckily you have us.  We’re basically formal wear geeks, and we’ve got you covered.

First thing’s first: Break down your options and decide what you’re going for.  We figure your options fall under 4 categories: Novelty, Fashion, Classic, and Suits.  Each category exists to send a different message.  Below is our take on what these categories say, followed by a listing of our favorite prom tuxedos and suits within those categories.

The Novelty Tuxedos:

Maybe it goes without saying, but these are the fun tuxedos for the guys that march to the beat of a different accordion.  These tuxedos tend to be crowd-pleasing attention-grabbers.  While these styles may not be for everyone, that’s actually kind of the point.

This category encompasses atypical tuxedo colors,  unique patterns, unique construction, and styles that were popular in a different time period.

BCT Orange Tuxedo

BCT Bright Orange

BCT Light Blue Tuxedo

BCT Light Blue

Camouflage 'Alpine' Tuxedo

Camouflage ‘Alpine’

Red 'Illusion' Tuxedo

Red ‘Illusion’

White 'Bari' Tailcoat

White ‘Bari’ Tailcoat

Black Diamond 'Illusion' Tuxedo

Black Diamond ‘Illusion’

Black 'Stripe Zoot' Tuxedo

Black ‘Stripe Zoot’

White 'Illusion' Tuxedo

White ‘Illusion’

The Trendy Fashion Tuxedos:

For proms, this is probably the most popular of the 4 categories  listed.  Trendy and fashion oriented tuxedos are basically styles that are hugely popular, very contemporary, and don’t strictly conform to Black Tie standards.  These styles are designed to make you look classy and formal, while maintaining the fun and flair that proms are designed to celebrate.

Included in this category are tuxedos with subtle fashion designs, other non-black tuxedos, and tuxedos that are designed to be worn with non-classic accessories.

Black 'Avalon' Tuxedo

Black ‘Avalon’

Heather Grey 'Twilight' Tuxedo

Heather Grey ‘Twilight’

White 'Cool' Tuxedo

White ‘Cool’

Steel Grey 'Twilight' Tuxedo

Steel Grey ‘Twilight’

White 'Troy' Tuxedo

White ‘Troy’

Heather Grey 'Savoy' Tuxedo

Heather Grey ‘Savoy’

Black 'Rome' Tuxedo

Black ‘Rome’

Midnight 'Savoy' Tuxedo

Midnight ‘Savoy’

White 'Savoy' Tuxedo

White ‘Savoy’

Grey 'Legend' Tuxedo

Grey ‘Legend’

Chocolate 'Premier' Tuxedo

Chocolate ‘Premier’

Black 'Mirage' Mandarin Tuxedo

Black ‘Mirage’

The Classic and Classy Tuxedos:

These are the styles you think of when someone says the word “Tuxedo.”  With only minor discrepancies, these styles all adhere to the time tested principles of Black Tie formal tradition.  No matter what year you wear any of the below, you’ll be able to look back in your photo album years later and still look incredible and current.  Well your hair style maybe not, but that’s not really our area.

You’ll clearly notice that all of the below styles are black and feature either a notch, peak, or shawl satin lapel and 1 or 2 buttons on the front.

Black 'Icon' Tuxedo

Black ‘Icon’

Black 'Twilight' Tuxedo

Black ‘Twilight’

Black Stripe 'Ridge' Tuxedo

Black Stripe ‘Ridge’

Black 'Chaplin II' Tuxedo

Black ‘Chaplin II’

Black 'Chaplin I' Tuxedo

Black ‘Chaplin I’

Black 'Allure' Tuxedo

Black ‘Allure’

Black 'Dream' Tuxedo

Black ‘Dream’

Black 'Vision' Tuxedo

Black ‘Vision’

Black 'El Rey' Tuxedo

Black ‘El Rey’

Black 'Cyprus' Tuxedo

Black ‘Cyprus’

Black 'Arden' Tuxedo

Black ‘Arden’

Black 'Faille'

Black ‘Faille’

Suits: The Tuxedo Alternatives:

We feel that tuxedos are the best option to commemorate special occasions, because you don’t really wear tuxedos anywhere else.  But not every occasion calls for a tuxedo.  Maybe your school has decided to scale down the formality of prom a little this year.  Maybe you’re allergic to satin lapels.  Whatever the case, tuxedos aren’t your only option.  We also offer some incredible suits.

If you’re clever (and you are), you’ll notice that some of the suits below are identical to some of the tuxedos above, except that the suits do not incorporate any satin anywhere.  As such the below options are less formal, but will still have you looking amazing for your special night.  

Black 'Ceremonia' Suit

Black ‘Ceremonia’

Heather Grey 'Twilight' Ceremonia Suit

Heather Grey ‘Twilight’

Steel Grey 'Twilight' Suit

Steel Grey ‘Twilight’

Tan 'Rapture' Suit

Tan ‘Rapture’

Charcoal Stripe 'Madison' Suit

Charcoal Stripe ‘Madison’

Sand 'Riviera' Suit

Sand ‘Riviera’

Black 'Premier' Suit

Black ‘Premier’

Navy 'Midnight' Suit

Navy ‘Midnight’


The above lists are our favorite picks for Prom, but feel free to view our Entire Catalog to see ALL of your formal options.  Once you’ve found your style, just add the products to your Garment Bag, print it out, and take it to your local rental store.  You can find out which stores near you offer this merchandise by using our Store Locator.

One last tip is to remember that the people at your local store are there to help you look your best, so it’s in your best interest to make their job as easy as possible.  Be sure to reserve your styles as early in advance as possible, preferably at least 3 weeks in advance.  Remember to reserve a 2nd choice that you’re happy with, just to be on the safe side.  Remember to take care of your new duds and return them on time.  While you’re at it, remember to smile and say thanks.  In the thick of prom season, you’d be surprised just how far a little kindness can go.

Looking for the Most Up-To-Date Information?  Check out our Most Current Prom Post!